Transformation Leadership

Balance the tremendous demands of managing.


Leelavathi Subramaniam
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A leader is a person with enough insight, experience and rigor to balance the conflict demands of short and long term results. In a world of fast changing, downsizing, reinventing, business process redesign, the business and corporate leader of today must balance the tremendous demands of managing that change and complexity with work output and productivity.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Instil the healthy self-image of a dynamic leader

Program empowering beliefs into the sub-conscious mind and to turbo charge self confidence

Build and enhance the value system of a leader and propel oneself towards their life’s mission and vision

Spark the right Mental Attitude so that they can motivate and inspire other individuals or team to excel

Swing the mental model towards “Solution Consciousness” both in a normal or crisis situation

Enable one to communicate effectively and emphatically

Enhance the strategic thinking skills in order to win in the competitive world

Build and uphold the feeling of trust and trustworthiness

Use leverage and principles of effectiveness to produce outstanding results

Target Audience

This course is designed for Executives, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Assistant Managers and Managers level.


This program is designed to enhance the leadership skills of a person. It is constructed in an experiential learning method filled with fun activities which includes fun-filled activities both indoor and outdoor, interactive lectures, group discussions and role plays.

Course Outline for This Programme

  • Leadership Consciousness
    i. Building a healthy self-image of a great leader
    ii. Subconscious mind and belief system
    iii. Right mental attitude and confidence building
    iv. The 8 Gold Rules of World’s Greatest Leaders

  • Life Compass
    i. Value system and life driving force
    ii. Driving personal or companies Mission and Values
    iii. Identifying Leadership dimension and Competencies
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
    i. Solution Consciousness
    ii. Creative Thinking
    iii. Critical & Analytical Thinking

  • Time Mastery & Goal Setting
    i. Pareto Principle
    ii. Prioritizing and Setting Goals
    iii. Time Elasticity

  • Communication Skills
    i. Presentation Skills
    ii. Lead & Conduct Effective Meetings
    iii. Empathetic Communication

  • Leading & Managing People
    i. Handling difficult people
    ii. Coaching and creating leaders
    iii. Assessing & rewarding
  • Building a Great Team
    i. Establishing Trust
    ii. The Nuclear Fuel : Inspiration and Motivation
    iii. Live and Breathe the Mission, Vision and Values

  • Thinking Strategically To Win
    i. 3 steps towards strategizing to win
    ii. 5 rules in making the strategy real
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Leelavathi Subramaniam
Leela, an Energetic and Vibrant International Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Creative Trainer has gained her popularity both in the local and international circle. She has spread her wings to Asia Pacific, Middle East (Dubai, Doha, Oman) and also to Sudan to share her knowledge. Highly sorted catalyst in Creative Intelligence & Transformational Thinking; Innovation Leadership & Organisational Development.

Leela is DC Certified Trainer-Coach in Directive Communication TM Psychology at Directive Communication International (DCI) Asia, in accreditation with the American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP). Specialist in cultural diversity.

Her audience are always overwhelmed with her lively and fun filled presentation. Leela’s methodology is tapping on the psychology of adult learning by sharing real life examples from organization in an interactive way that internalize the learning. Specialising from the rank and file position, Leela has the ability to continuously steer her audience to crave and seek improvement at workplace.

Leela has 24 years of experience from MNC, Education and Sales. She enhances her training with exposure to organizational changes, Her training is very much of humanizing the processes. Her experience from the Banking industry and in Human Resources, paving findings towards Improving Business Strategy and “Leadership” gives her the extra edge in creating pathways to Change. Creating Competency and Leadership development work experience includes Time Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling, New business development in Creating Improvement in Customer Focus and service leadtime, Creativity and Innovation, Motivation and Change, leadership, and Performance Management. She uses the Method Acting and Colored Brain process to change situations. A trainer who has been fully been endorsed by her participants for her experience and creativity in engaging all levels of employees. She solely believe that every individual has the capability to do something special given the right tools.