Master the Art of Negotiation Skills

You don’t get what you ask for, you get what you negotiate.


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It is a fact that each of us negotiate on a daily basis without even realizing it. Many of us have not yet learnt how to apply the powerful tools and techniques of negotiating effectively to really succeed to our utmost potential in the corporate world. To win and close deals successfully you will need to master the art of negotiation. This 2day training has the solution – Our practical course will show you how to effectively use of influencing and rapport building to initiate the negotiation process, apply various personal approaches to get what you want and gaining loyal business partner and be able to defuse any conflict situation.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Planning your negotiation strategy thoroughly to gain a competitive edge

Developing key communication skills that will greatly improve your negotiation skills

Using influencing skill to set the meeting right

Setting a positive tone for the meeting with some tested 'ice breakers'

Making an opening offer that gains you the best possible starting position

Using knowledge of 'negotiation power' to get and keep the upper hand

Using practical techniques to break a deadlock

Avoiding common mistakes that are frequently made at the end of a negotiation

Step-by-Step Approach will be demonstrated on how to apply these powerful negotiation tools and techniques so you are in control right from the pre-planning phase through to winning and closing the deal.

Target Audience

Executives, Managers, Marketing and Sales Staff, Account Relationship Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, Contract Negotiators, Technical and Support Representatives and every professional who needs to negotiate with business associates, vendors, customers and colleagues in any setting.


This competency-based workshop is highly practical and interactive in nature, with lots of role- playing to practice the skills learnt. It incorporates many tools and guide for managers throughout the negotiation proess.

Course Outline for This Programme

  • Know The Do’s and Don’ts of the Negotiation Game
  • Identify the Difference between Hard versus Soft Negotiation and their associatedbenefits
  • Know the 4 Basic Elements in any Negotiation that must be kept separate: People,Interests, Options, Criteria
  • Levels of listening ( Ignoring, Selective, Pretend, Attentive , Empathy)
  • 5 essential types of questions
  • Know how to Implement Active Listening Strategies
  • Use Questioning Techniques to steer the Negotiation
  • Using active listening to find out the real customer issue
  • Role-play applying all the types of question at work environment
  • Discover at least 20 Tips for Communicating effectively during a Negotiation
  • Discover how to create a “Rapport” with other parties
  • Use Practical Suggestions for Building Trust and developing Relationships for Win – Win collaboration
  • Understand how to focus on Interests rather than Positions to progress the Negotiation
  • Turn a Negotiation Rival into a Loyal and Trusted Business Partner
  • Understand the Primary Negotiating Styles and discover which Style suits you best: Compromise, Rob, Accommodate, or Withdraw
  • Using influencing skills to make lasting organizational impact and create win-win relationship
  • The power of words/Neutral/Action words
  • Know how to identify and respond to each Style when it is encountered
  • Discover the Characteristics of a Practical and Effective Negotiator
  • Realize the importance of Personal Appearance and Rank when Negotiating Deals
  • Select the most suitable Personal Approach when Negotiating with various people by understanding the 3 Different Types of Personal Approaches
  • Discover how to Plan effectively through intensive Information Gathering
  • Forecast possible Negotiation Issues by using a Pre-Negotiation Planning Checklist
  • Identify your “Best Possible Outcome” and determine your “Last Resort Agreement“ ( BATNA)
  • Analyse your Performance and compare it to the “Best Possible Outcome” for Future Improvement
  • Know & Avoid the most Common Mistakes Negotiators make at the end of a Negotiation
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Leelavathi Subramaniam
Leela, an Energetic and Vibrant International Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Creative Trainer has gained her popularity both in the local and international circle. She has spread her wings to Asia Pacific, Middle East (Dubai, Doha, Oman) and also to Sudan to share her knowledge. Highly sorted catalyst in Creative Intelligence & Transformational Thinking; Innovation Leadership & Organisational Development.

Leela is DC Certified Trainer-Coach in Directive Communication TM Psychology at Directive Communication International (DCI) Asia, in accreditation with the American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP). Specialist in cultural diversity.

Her audience are always overwhelmed with her lively and fun filled presentation. Leela’s methodology is tapping on the psychology of adult learning by sharing real life examples from organization in an interactive way that internalize the learning. Specialising from the rank and file position, Leela has the ability to continuously steer her audience to crave and seek improvement at workplace.

Leela has 24 years of experience from MNC, Education and Sales. She enhances her training with exposure to organizational changes, Her training is very much of humanizing the processes. Her experience from the Banking industry and in Human Resources, paving findings towards Improving Business Strategy and “Leadership” gives her the extra edge in creating pathways to Change. Creating Competency and Leadership development work experience includes Time Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling, New business development in Creating Improvement in Customer Focus and service leadtime, Creativity and Innovation, Motivation and Change, leadership, and Performance Management. She uses the Method Acting and Colored Brain process to change situations. A trainer who has been fully been endorsed by her participants for her experience and creativity in engaging all levels of employees. She solely believe that every individual has the capability to do something special given the right tools.