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Learn how to use Microsoft Teams more efficiently and effectively.


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Learn how to use Microsoft Teams more efficiently and effectively.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Introduction of Microsoft Office 365

Learn how to upload the google forms

Learn on Microsoft Outlook

Trainers able to learn the techniques of using a lot of demo slides to attract the attention of the audience

Trainers able to learn the techniques if engagement with audience, not too boring session

Trainers able to learn random checking on audience’s attention

Trainers able to learn the intonation during the Webinar


Know to use Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook.

Course Outline for This Programme

  • Benefits of Microsoft Office 365
    – Scalability
    – Work anywhere
    – Easy collaboration
    – You’re always up to date
    – Eliminates hardware and reduces energy costs
    – Installation on up to 5 devices per user
    – Advanced security features
    – Enhanced Email
  • Capabilities
    – ChangingPassword forOffice 365
  • Do more with Microsoft Teams
    – Chat
    – Collaborate
    – Meetings
    – Calling
  • Microsoft teams interface
    – Teams Details
    – Create a new team
    – Create New Channel
    – Using Channels
    – Get email address
    – Video Meetings in Channel Conversations
    – Schedule a meeting
    – Tabs
  • Teams mobile


  • OneDrive Introduction
  • Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive
    – Anytime, Anywhere Access to Files
    – Collaborative Office Document Editing
    – User-Friendly Interface
    – Document Sharing
    – Local File Synchronization
    – Security
  • Upload Files to OneDrive
    – Using the OneDrive website
  • Sync SharePoint files with the new OneDrive sync
    – Version History in OneDrive
    – Set up syncing
    – Change sync settings
    – Share OneDrive Files and Folders
  • Form Introduction
  • Benefits of Forms
    – Accessibility
    – Features
    – Data Collection
  • When would you use
    Microsoft Forms?
  • Creating form
  • Preview Form
  • Theme
  • Share Form
  • View responses analysizing responses in excel
  • Benefits of Outlook Online
    – Search
    – Security Features
    – Easy Organization
  • Outlook 365 features
    – Mail
    – Contacts
    – Tasks
    – Calendar
    – Use @ to get someone’s attention
    – Attach recent / share attachment from onedrive
    – To use the Suggested Meetings App in Outlook
  • Web App
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Saiful Rizal
Saiful is eager to bring clients and organizations to the next higher level of productivity and efficiency, with much better precision in handling task. With experience more than 10 years in the training field, all the knowledge gauge in the industry in all sectors, he has helped to ensure only the best is given. He has designed and conducted various training courses Microsoft Office related in almost all versions. He is able to train the trainers to becoming focal points for the organizations. He trains staffs in becoming quality smart Ms Office users. He is the Head of the consultation team for the Asia Pacific region with SHELL cum the ONLY Malaysian to train and placed in the Shell portal website. Saiful delivers talks in seminars on behalf of Microsoft Malaysia and their vendors in promoting their products.