Introduction to QlikSense Visualization

This is an instructor led classroom training which will cover a wide range of general topics relevant to QlikSense end-users.


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Introduction to QlikSense Visualization

2 days
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Course Info

This is an instructor led classroom training which will cover a wide range of general topics relevant to QlikSense end-users. This hands-on training will equip users with the know-how to access QlikSense apps and create their own charts. The training will be based on training/dummy data.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

User to perform Qliksense applications and perform self-service.


Hands on training session in 2 days.

Equipment and Software

  1. Owning a laptop
  2. Installed with Qliksense Desktop Edition

Course Outline for This Programme

1.1 Introduction to Qlik Sense
1.2 Understanding the Associative Model
1.3 Basic Qlik Sense App Concepts and Terminology

2.1 Navigating in Qlik Sense
      Activity: Navigate within an app

2.2 Making selections
      Activity: Making selections

3.1 Loading Data
      Activity: Load data from Excel

3.2 Prepare the data using Data Manager
      Activity: Prepare the data

3.3 Dimension and Measures
      Activity: Alternative dimensions and measures

4.1 Visualisations concept
4.2 Understanding Master Items
       Activity: Create Master Dimension
       Activity: Create Master Measure
4.3 Qlik Sense visualisations
      Activity: Build a dashboard

5.1 Using Qlik Sense functions
      Activity – Conditional color expression
     Activity – Sorting items
     Activity – Dynamic title
5.2 Set Analysis
     Activity: Set Analysis

      Activity: Create and use bookmarks
6.2 Storytelling
     Activity: Create and use story

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Background Summary
  • Qlik Certified Business Analyst
  • Computer Science, Monash University
  • Brings with him 18+ years of both Consulting, System Integration and End-user experience, focusing mainly on Business Intelligence, Marketing Platforms and Enterprise Data Warehousing solutions.
  • Started a Data & Analytics Consulting company in 2013
  • Worked in Accenture in 2013

Relevant Qlik experience
  • Involved in various QlikSense implementations that across multiple industries including Telecommunication Services Providers in Malaysia & Singapore, Banking and Insurance in Malaysia, Oil & Gas in Malaysia, Airport Management in Myanmar, Manufacturing in Singapore, Transportation in Malaysia
  • As Subject Matter Advisory and Delivery Lead, delivered reporting, dashboards, and data management across different functional areas of the organization, ranging from Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Network etc for users from operations right to the C levels