Elevate PowerPoint Presentations with AI Magic

Course Info This two-day training module is designed to enhance the Microsoft PowerPoint skills to to the next level by […]


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Course Info

This two-day training module is designed to enhance the Microsoft PowerPoint skills to to the next level by integrating some Artificial Intelligence powered tools into your slide-designing skills. Participants will embark on a journey from the of PowerPoint to the advanced techniques of integrating AI avatars into their presentations. By the end of this course, attendees will be equipped to create engaging and dynamic presentations, enhancing their communication capabilities.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Mastering PowerPoint Features

Understanding AI Avatars using ElevenLabs and D-ID, and explore advantages of using AI avatars in presentations

Hands-On Experience on Designing Avatars using ElevenLabs and D-ID platforms

Personalization and Customization on slides making, custom tailor the slide to its very specific needs

Explore Storytelling with AI Avatars

Exploring Real-world Applications

Group Presentation and Discussion on Improving Skills and Experience using AI tools


Participants must have basic knowledge of using Microsoft Windows, basic knowledge in navigating through Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Lectures and demonstrations
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Q&A
  • Presentations
  • Group discussions

Course Outline

  • Navigating the PowerPoint interface
  • Creating slides and adding content
  • Design principles for effective presentations
  • Inserting Medias (Pictures, Videos, Screenshots, Audio)
  • Creating a Basic Animation
  • Customizing Animations
  • Using the Animation Painter
  • Adding a Transition
  • Customizing Transitions
  • Choosing a Basic Effect
  • Setting Effect Options
  • Customizing the Trigger
  • Editing the Motion Path
  • Setting Start Options
  • Modifying Duration and Delay
  • Setting Animation Options
  • Changing the Order of Animations
  • Using the Animation Painter and Pane
  • Overview of ElevenLabs and D-ID
  • Real-world applications and benefits of using AI avatars in presentations
  • Registering on ElevenLabs and D-ID platforms
  • Navigating the dashboard and understanding the tools
  • Generating a basic AI avatar and embedding it into PowerPoint
  • Designing with AI Avatars in Mind
  • Incorporating animations, transitions, and interactive elements
  • Customizing avatars to reflect brand identity or personal style
  • Incorporating voice, gestures, and more to your avatars
  • Crafting a Story with AI Avatars
  • Using Presenter View
  • Creating a Video from a Presentation
  • Creating a Show-Only File
  • Creating a short presentation with AI avatars
  • Real-world Applications and Case Studies
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