Creating Infographics using Microsoft Office

Creating an awesome infographic using basic Microsoft tools.


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Course Info

This course will teach participants some of the techniques involved in creating an info- or data graphic using no more than the basic tools found in Microsoft Office.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Participants will learn simple storytelling techniques, with a particular emphasis on identifying critical pieces of information, planning the infographic, and how to use shape/image elements to depict data in a compelling manner.


This is practical lab exercises using Microsoft office tools such as Power Point and Excel


Students looking for an engaging, hands-on, and highly interactive approach to Excel analytics training and to expand their analytics skill set, work more efficiently with data, and take their career to a new level.

Course Outline for This Programme

  1. From Information to Story
    i. What to keep, what to lose
    ii. “Chunk-ifying” the information
    iii. Planning
    iv. Planning the infographic
    v. The do’s and don’ts of infographic creation
    vi. Styling considerations – Infographic styles & usage
  1. Setting up
    i. Page/slide sizing
    ii. Using guides and the grid
    iii. Working with colour
    iv. Basic colour theory
    v. Selecting & setting colours
    vi. Creating & saving colour schemes
  2. Fonts
    i. Font selection & readability
    ii. Using symbol fonts (dingbats)
  1. a. Conveying Statistics
    i. Emphasizing Data – using pictograms
    ii. Showing People – using silhouettes & repeating shapes
    iii. Depicting Time & Timelines – using progression & icons
    iv. Information segmentation
  2. Using Charts
    i. Creating & formatting charts for infographics
    ii. Using Chart Layouts
    iii. Best Practices for charts
  3. Data Comparisons
    i. Datasets
    ii. Shapes & Drawing
    iii. Creating custom shapes
    iv. Editing shape points
  1. Saving & sharing the finished
  2. resources for infographics
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