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Design Thinking Course in Malaysia

The design thinking process is user-centred and prototype-driven, suitable for either products or services landscape. As a participant in Design Thinking Course in Malaysia, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team and work through a hands-on innovation challenge from start to finish. You will walk away from the workshop with a strong understanding of the key tenets of design thinking and be able to execute them within your organization.

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Learning Outcome

·       Develop Deep Consumer Insights

·       Reduce Risk and Accelerate Learning Through Rapid Prototyping of product or service introduction

·       Drive Towards Innovation, Not Just Incremental Growth

·       Empower Your Employees to Be Innovative

·       Engage design thinking for holistic problem solving

·       Apply design thinking tools to unleash design thinking capabilities

·       Define problem space and map concepts in the problem solving process using appropriate process models or strategies

·       Relate design to strategic and innovative business practice and development

Why Design Thinking?

This course is targeted for all levels of staff from all departments across industries

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Design Thinking is an ongoing process in which we seek to understand about our colleagues and customers to redefine problems in order to identify alternative solutions and strategies for solving problems. It also helps us systematically identify, learn and implement solutions to solve problems in creative and innovative ways. Our Design Thinking Course in Malaysia will prepare the right skill sets that are suitable for staff at all levels across industries.

What Our Design Thinking Course in Malaysia Covers?

Module 1: Introduction to Design Thinking – What Is It? Why Do It?
Module 2: Define
Module 3: Research the problem, synthesize and apply DT tools (Stakeholders Personas, Identifying Opportunities & reframe problems through persona objectives)
Module 4: Ideate
Module 5: Prototype
Module 6: Selection-Implement-Learn
Module 7: System Design
Module 8: Parameter Design
Module 9: Tolerance Design

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